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Celebrity ORM Service in India

Build genuine fan followers for your profiles

What we do for celebrity ORM Service in India?

As a Popular ORM Service company in India we helps to get more followers, more likes, more search about your name in social media .this is only achievable if the celebrity maintain the good reputation from the audience, so we build the good reputation of celebrity profile by get more positive replies and avoid the rumors of celebrity .we ensure to de index all the fake and rumor pages of the celebrity to get more positive reputation that include the removal all fake news content , fake social profile, and rumored blog pages … maintain the good reputation

Why celebrity required ORM service?

Now a day’s fake news is spread more than one third of Facebook news feeds and micro blogging platform, so it is required to build the good reputation among the audience .also now a days some defamation content also goes viral ,so celebrities required ORM service to maintain their privacy and avoid and prevent the spreading of fake news and removal of all unverified profile from all kind of social media

Our celebrity ORM service included of:
Prevent Fake News
Prevent fake news

We help to prevent the fake news among the blogs and social media including YouTube. We de indexing those content form search engine to maintain the reputation

Protect Privacy
Protect privacy

We ensure all of the celebrity social media profile handling with secured environment to prevent the Defamation and Libel content publishing

Monitor Bad Reputation:
Monitor bad reputation:

We monitor all of celebrity profile to block and avoid the fake comments and content to create the good reputation among the audience

Deliverable and pricing of Celebrity ORM Service

Pricing is not fixed for any kind of celebrity Reputation management but we listing some ORM Service packages hear ,Our pricing of Celebrity ORM Service is vary depend on the client’s requirements