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Social Media Marketing Service India

Target socially engaged audience with our social media marketing

What we do for social marketing agency?

Social media advertising is the cheap cost effective advertising solution in the advertising and marketing industry, you can start with vey lowest budget. When compare to any other form adverting social media advertising is more than 3x less in term of cost spending. We manage social advertising campaign day to day; we know how to optimize the social media campaign to achieve better results.

We have highly skilled social media experts to meet client’s goals in term of conversion, bidding management and remarketing campaigns .The kpix media is a right choice for all kind of social adverting; we will develop a best strategy to get more results with lowest marketing cost .our service included of setting up a attractive ads , high converting audience and sales tracking implementation .this will helpful show your ads to the right person at right time

Our Social media marketing service

There are plenty of social media available to run the social media campaign we have all kind of expertise to run your campaign in that few of them listed below

Facebook Advertising Service
Facebook advertising service

Facebook is the most popular social media in the planet. We will help you to reach the right audience and get higher conversion in that platform

LinkedIn Advertising Service
LinkedIn advertising service

LinkedIn is the most popular professional social network for business people , we have the team expertise to gain maximum result in that platforms

Pinterest Advertising Service
Pinterest advertising service

Pinterest is helpful to achieve the maximum conversion in the consumer goods segments , we help full to reach the people who searching the related to your service

Our social media marketing service include:

There are plenty of social media available to run the social media campaign we have all kind of expertise to run your campaign in that few of them listed below

Engaging creative:

For any kind of social medium ,Engaging content make huge influence to the audience to get maximum post engagements. at kpixmedia we have ad creation specialist they will create attractive content and graphics for your social media campaign

Get more than you’re spent:

We offer more than what you spend for social media advertising , our social media advertising service included of all minor work elements , this may be a landing page ,tracking integration ,basic remarketing methods .our focus is to generate high return what you spend

Audience populating:

Our motive is to populate the right audience related to your business or products you sell. This will help to reach more related people with high level of engagements .an expert social advertising agency like kpixmedia it is responsible create awareness about your business and get more conversion for your sales funnel

Deliverable and pricing of Social media advertising service

Pricing of social media advertisement service is varying depends on the client needs.  but we listing some of the packages related to social media advertisements in our website .kindly post your requirements below to understand your need . we always ready to assist you